viaGlamour ships everywhere.

Create your own cosmetics, skincare, beauty, and colored cosmetics products with viaGlamour. Let us formulate your customer orders and ship them anywhere in the world.

There are no design setup fees and photography for your products is always free.

All natural, vegan
Diverse formulas
Design fees
Free custom packaging
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Shipping to the United States averages $4.99 USD. All orders ship with tracking numbers. More destinations such as Mexico and Greenland are available with UPS® shipping options for merchants on Shopify.


Selling globally is possible with viaGlamour

In this era of booming e-commerce, the world is your oyster, and your beauty brand deserves to be on the global stage. However, selling cross-border often comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to shipping. Worry not, viaGlamour has got your back! With access to UPS and USPS services, viaGlamour is the all-in-one solution that lets your cosmetics business effortlessly ship to every corner of the globe.

Global Coverage with UPS and USPS

viaGlamour partners with UPS and USPS, two giants in the shipping industry, to provide an expansive network covering every country. These partnerships ensure that your products reach even the most remote locations.

Tailored Shipping Solutions

Different countries have different shipping requirements. viaGlamour’s utilization of UPS and USPS services allows for tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each destination, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

Fast and Reliable Shipping

With UPS and USPS at its disposal, viaGlamour offers fast and reliable shipping options. Your customers won’t have to wait weeks for their products; they’ll get their orders in a timely fashion and in pristine condition.

Hassle-Free Customs

International shipping often comes with the headache of customs regulations. viaGlamour’s expertise and partnerships with UPS and USPS ensure that customs paperwork and protocols are handled efficiently, eliminating delays and surprises.

The viaGlamour Advantage Streamlined Operations: Focus on your core business while viaGlamour handles the intricacies of global shipping. Cost-Efficient: Save on shipping costs through viaGlamour’s negotiated rates with UPS and USPS. Customer Satisfaction: Provide your international customers with fast, reliable, and trackable shipping options.

  • Let viaGlamour pack and ship all of your orders.
  • Let viaGlamour formulate orders as they roll-in.
  • Use the same UPS, USPS, and ChitChats shipping options.
  • Connect your existing website like Squarespace or Shopify.
  • Have orders ship on a weekly schedule to customers.

Try a sample order

When comparing the traditional fulfillment model with viaGlamour’s service, it becomes clear that viaGlamour offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

Try samples

The easiest way to start your own cosmetics brand is with viaGlamour. There are zero minimum orders for custom products, you can customize the packaging of all your products, and products are made in Canada with natural ingredients.

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Design the packaging

Upload a logo and download free photos of how your products will be shipped using your packaging designs. Don't have a design? viaGlamour can create a few free ones for you to pick from.

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Accept orders online

Accept orders online for your products or purchase them at wholesale prices to get them delivered to your business address. You can work both ways with viaGlamour.

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Design your website

We've partnered with most website builders to help you build a beautiful checkout experience for your brand online. You can start a Shopify store (used by Glossier, Kylie, Outdoor Voices) for $1/mo with viaGlamour.

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Try a personalized sample with your logo

Upload your design and pick out your samples.
No contracts. Zero minimum orders.

or have viaGlamour setup your store on Shopify

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Create your own cosmetics + skincare. Zero minimum orders.

Products are made in Canada and ship worldwide.

Featured app on the Shopify App Store.

Call us at +1 (866) 217-1477

viaGlamour™, a registered trademark. viaGlamour is Canada's first on-demand cosmetics manufacturer, helping entrepeneurs create their own natural makeup line with natural ingredients. Launch your own cosmetics brand with zero minimum orders, international shipping, and custom packaging designs.