For Canadian beauty compamies: let viaGlamour ship your orders and save 75% on postage fees with Canada Post.

Welcome to the modern era of beauty entrepreneurship! In a world where shipping costs can make or break a customer's decision to hit that ‘checkout’ button, it’s imperative to have a partner that not only offers quality products but also helps you in keeping those shipping costs low. If your beauty business is in Canada or outside North America, viaGlamour is the solution that you've been waiting for.

viaGlamour can ship ypur custom-made beauty products from Canada to the United States starting from $4.99. If you were doing the same with a new Canada Post account, you'd be paying $12.

Shipping starts from $4.99
Fully Tracking

viaGlamour's shipping rates vs Canada Post

Expand your existing business into products without having to pack, ship, and photograph all of your product orders. It's free with viaGlamour.

Before we jump into the incredible benefits of viaGlamour, let’s glance at why starting a business from Canada is difficult.

  • Canada Post doubles prices for new customers. Large companies like viaGlamour pay half the cost in shipping compared to individuals and smaller companies.
  • There are limited tracking options when shipping from Canada to other countries. It's not always clear when products will arrive to customers.
  • Shipping labels purchased from Canada Post are notoriously difficult to print. It can take hours to debug printers and equipment to get their site to work.

Let viaGlamour ship orders for you.

For Canadian businesses, or those outside North America, shipping cosmetics to the US has been a constant struggle. With traditional carriers, the average shipping cost to the US can go up to $12, and that’s without any tracking number! This means not only do you end up paying through the nose for shipping, but you also can't provide your customers with the comfort of tracking their orders.

viaGlamour has completely transformed the shipping landscape for beauty companies. Let's unpack the goodness of why Canadian companies switch to viaGlamour for their shipping to keep more of their revenue from online orders.

High-tier Negotiated USPS Shipping Rates

viaGlamour has pulled some serious strings and secured the highest-tier of negotiated USPS shipping rates. What does this mean for you? Unbelievably low shipping costs that will have you dancing in delight!

Shipping Rates Starting at $4.99

Yes, you read that right. viaGlamour’s shipping rates start at just $4.99, which is less than half of what traditional carriers charge. It’s practically a steal!

Fully Tracked Options

But wait, there’s more. Not only are you saving on shipping costs, but viaGlamour also provides fully tracked options. Your customers will love you for this. After all, who doesn’t like to know exactly when their exciting new cosmetics will arrive?

Faster Shipping and Direct Dispatch from Lab

With viaGlamour, products are shipped directly from the cosmetics lab. This eliminates unnecessary middle steps, ensuring faster shipping. Your customers will be thrilled with the speed at which they receive their orders.

The Verdict: viaGlamour is the Ultimate Ally

If your beauty business is looking to save on shipping costs, provide faster and tracked shipping, and ultimately drive more sales, viaGlamour is the answer. With its negotiated USPS shipping rates, viaGlamour is not just a supplier; it's an ally that empowers you to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Ready to take your beauty business to the next level? Partner with viaGlamour, and watch as the magic unfolds. Your customers, your sales, and your peace of mind will thank you.

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You should try samples of a custom product you make with viaGlamour to verify the quality of the products for yourself.

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The easiest way to start your own cosmetics brand is with viaGlamour. There are zero minimum orders for custom products, you can customize the packaging of all your products, and products are made in Canada with natural ingredients.

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Upload a logo and download free photos of how your products will be shipped using your packaging designs. Don't have a design? viaGlamour can create a few free ones for you to pick from.

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Accept orders online for your products or purchase them at wholesale prices to get them delivered to your business address. You can work both ways with viaGlamour.

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We've partnered with most website builders to help you build a beautiful checkout experience for your brand online. You can start a Shopify store (used by Glossier, Kylie, Outdoor Voices) for $1/mo with viaGlamour.

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