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Create talc-free vegan eyeshadow palettes that ship in your custom packaging.

Looking to create your own eyeshadow palettes with a custom design, talc-free vegan eyeshadows, and the ability to give eyeshadows your unique product names? All of the eyeshadow palettes are made fresh for your customers and ship directly to customers from a Canadian cosmetics lab.

The best thing about creating your own eyeshadow palettes is that you can tailor the shades to your own unique style. You can also be sure that the ingredients are all vegan and free from talc, which is great for those with sensitive skin. Plus, viaGlamour can ship all of your customers orders directly to customers.

The process is simple: just choose the eyeshadow shades you want, design your custom palette, and give your eyeshadows fun and unique names with viaGlamour's free app.

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Design custom packaging

Partner with viaGlamour's private-label manfuacturing to create custom eyeshadow palettes for your business. We ship everywhere.

There's no need to buy a pre-made eyeshadow palette anymore - now you can create your own custom palette with viaGlamour! You can upload your own designs for the eyeshadow shades and the palette container, and even add your own branding to the shipping label.

You can rename eyeshadows to match your brand. This is a great way to help customers find the products they need, and it can also be a fun way to show off your personality and brand. Here are a few tips for renaming eyeshadows to match your brand:

1. Use colors that represent your brand. For example, if your brand is known for being fun and youthful, you could use names like "Bubblegum Pink" or "Cotton candy Blue."

2. Use puns or play on words. This is a great way to make your eyeshadows stand out and be memorable. For example, you could rename a light purple eyeshadow to "Iris" and a deep blue eyeshadow to "Navy-galed."

3. Be creative! There are no rules when it comes to renaming eyeshadows, so have fun with it. When you partner with viaGlamour for custom eyeshadow palette manufacturing you can make an unlimited amount of palettes that fit your brand.

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Fill palettes with talc-free eyeshadows

Let customers purchase your custom palettes knowing each ingredients is ethically sourced, uses talc-free ingredients, and is made fresh in Canada.

There are many benefits to using talc-free eyeshadows that are made in Canada. Talc is a naturally occurring mineral that is often used as a absorbent in cosmetics. However, talc can also be a respiratory irritant and has been linked to lung cancer. Talc-free eyeshadows are made without this ingredient and are therefore safer for your health. In addition, Canadian-made eyeshadows are subject to stricter safety and quality regulations than those made in other countries. This means that you can be sure that your eyeshadow is free of harmful chemicals and that it will last for a long time. Canadian eyeshadows are also often more affordable than those made in other countries.

There are many reasons why customers want vegan eyeshadows that are cruelty-free, vegan, and made in Canada. The main reason is that they want a product that has not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal products. Additionally, many vegans want to support companies that are environmentally and socially responsible, and Canada is known for its high standards in these areas. Finally, customers want to know that the eyeshadows they are using are safe and of high quality, and Canadian-made products are typically held to high standards.

Cruelty-free cosmetics are often more harder to source than conventional counterparts, but viaGlamour produces in Canada using only cruelty-free ingredients because we value ethically produced products. In addition to being cruelty-free, these products are often made with natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals.Biodegradable eyeshadow formulas are a highly pigmented powder that applies evenly and blends well. They are also made with natural ingredients that are safe for the environment.

Sell online or in-person

You can create an unlimited variety of eyeshadow palettes and only pay for them to get produced when you receive a customer order for it. Let viaGlamour ship your products directly to customers in your packaging.

If you're looking for a way to stand out in the crowded world of beauty influencers, why not try your hand at custom eyeshadow palettes? You can design your own palettes and take orders through your Shopify store, in-person with Square, or through social media like Instagram. All of your customers can shop your palettes and receive their orders quickly - shipped by viaGlamour.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing eyeshadow palettes, so have fun with it! Try out different color combinations and themes to see what your audience responds to. Once you've got a few signature looks down, you'll be able to start taking orders and building up your business.

Thanks to viaGlamour, shipping your orders will be a breeze. We offer fast, reliable shipping so you can rest assured that your customers will receive their palettes promptly. Plus, with their easy-to-use platform, you'll be able to track your orders and manage your business with ease. You're only charged if you sell a palette; you never have to buy inventory yourself.

Start designing your custom eyeshadow palettes today.

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