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Create your own makeup, skincare, and beauty products (including Korean beauty!) that your customers can order from you with a recurring subscription. Partner with viaGlamour to have launched your custom products without having to buy inventory, manage a warehouse, or ship the products by yourself.

It's hard not to fall in love with a cute beauty box. If you know your customers well; it can be incredibly exciting to unbox a bundle of makeup products that are all designed around a theme and have a practical purpose in your morning routine.

Maybe you want to create a beauty kit for a halloween? Create a set of three products like a matte black lipstick, a sheer liquid lipstick, and a metallic silver gloss. Have each of the products dyed with your logo using black matte inks and then shipped inside of a black box with spooky illustrations!

Or maybe you want to create a collectors shipping box with alternating colors? Let your customers subscribe to your shop and curate a unique set of products for them each month. For one of the months, you could create an all-pink beauty kit set. Bundle an eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and glitter into a pink box that's covered with your branding in glossy colors.

You can design an unlimited variety of beauty kits without having to worry about purchasing inventory or unsold products thanks to viaGlamour only making beauty kits after a customer buys one. Design the beauty kits you want to sell and let viaGlamour make them fresh for each of your subscribers.

Any beauty kit you create will include a bundle of products. It could be a variety of products like lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, gel eyeliners, brow fix gels, or others. You'll have to create these products individually with your design before you can add them together into a beauty kit.

For your first beauty kit, we recommend that you create a simple collection of lipsticks that ship inside of a branded box. Find three different lipstick formulas that fit your theme and add each of them to your catalog by clicking the 'create product' button at the bottom of each of the product's pages.

Step 1

Bundle your products into a colorful shipping box

With your newly created products head over to the beauty kits page to start building your first makeup subscription kit. Select three products and then choose the style of shipping box they should be shipped with. There are a colorful variety of boxes to choose from like black matte, natural kraft textured boxes, plain white boxes, or a minimalist trimmed kit. By default, these kits will have your store's name on it but they can be customized with any artwork.

After you've selected both a shipping box and your products you can create your first beauty kit by finalizing its name at the bottom of the page. Anytime a customer buys this kit it'll ship with its unique combination of products and shipping box. You can continue to create unlimited variations of your kits that can each ship with different designs, box styles, and product combinations inside of them.

Step 2

Create unique designs for every product

As your catalog of products grows you may want to create unique designs for each new makeup beauty subscription kit that you add to your store. For example, your default lipstick design could keep a minimal version of your logo but the lipsticks in your Halloween kit use a different logo style to better match your box.

Creating designs for specific products is incredibly easy and free. You're never charged an additional cost for having different product designs.

To create a unique design for a product head over to the designs page. At the top, you'll notice a tab that says categories and individual. On the categories tab, you can design products for an entire category of products. It's a quick way to apply a design on all of a product's available formulas. Switch to the individual tab to design a specific product formula with a unique design that won't be used on any other product.

Step 3

Update your kit with the newest designs

If you've made any changes to your designs you'll have to update your kit's photography afterward. Find the beauty kit on your catalog, select it, and you'll be prompted to update the product with a new set of photos that use the most recently saved design for each of the included products.

Step 4

Let customers subscribe to recurring deliveries

You can always have your kits available for purchase online through viaGlamour, Etsy, Shopify, or maybe in-person as a one time sale. Anyone can order a kit and they'll be shipped directly to the customers after they've been formulated.

If you want to offer your customers an option to purchase recurring deliveries of your products then you'll need to use Shopify. Their platform will let you sell products that arrive at customers once a month, every three months, or any other schedule you prefer to setup!

You can add viaGlamour's official app to your Shopify store to have your orders automatically shipped by viaGlamour after each new customer subscription to your products.

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